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When most people think about a career in technology they typically think of engineers or computer science graduates. However, the tech sector is full of people from diverse educational & career backgrounds.  There are many Chartered Accountants working in the industry. Facebook Ireland alone currently employs about 20 Chartered Accountants in the finance team of the International headquarters in Dublin.   Facebook is a global company, the team are supporting customers & employees all around the world, this makes daily life interesting & fun. “I tend to like to hire Chartered Accountants, I understand their training over three or four years. Their experience will be very solid, they fit into our culture easily & we can offer the breath of opportunity that is generally sought by Chartered Accountants.”

Majella began her studies with a B.Comm in NUI Galway & then followed up with the M.Acc in UCD. “My decision to study Commerce was more chance than anything; I didn’t have a clear plan but felt I might like some of the business subjects open to Commerce students. I decided I liked business & felt that Accountancy was a great way to get into business.”

After university, Majella spent time in audit at Deloitte. Once qualified as a Chartered Accountant, she moved into the technology sector when she went to work for Microsoft. Last year she moved to Facebook. “The technology industry is a great place to be right now – fast moving, progressive work practices, great perks and lots of interesting work. It also helps that a visit to head office is a visit to sunny California!  I would encourage any student to give serious consideration to becoming a Chartered Accountant, the career opportunities are endless.”

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