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European Studies The opportunity to work in a global, multi-faceted environment drew me to GLG. I started as a Recruiting Associate and was able to engage with leading professionals and use my language skills across a broad range of industries. As I gained experience, I began working closely with top consulting clients, learning to be agile and to respond to each task differently. I now work on multiple projects simultaneously and manage my time effectively, which I find both challenging and rewarding. I really enjoy working at GLG, particularly because our Dublin office is diverse and has an exceptionally dynamic workplace. I especially love the opportunity to participate in training our new Associates. I would recommend GLG to anyone who loves to communicate and is not intimidated by new topics. GLG is about teamwork, supporting one another, and setting and working towards personal goals. We also have a great sense of community with ongoing social and extracurricular activities - from Thursday evening football to sushi feasts and karaoke, to Friday socials.