I graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 2014 with a BA in English Literature and French. The beginning of my career focused on language and communication skills. From there, GLG seemed like the perfect fit – a growing company with a global presence, multicultural employees, and a global membership of diverse experts.

Working with our members and clients allows me the opportunity to gain valuable experience within the corporate world whilst continuing to utilize my language, communication, and research skills on a day-to-day basis. My role focuses on building and managing our membership of senior executives and then organising conversations, meetings, mentorships, and other interactions between these executives and our clients.

GLG offers a fantastic work environment: our office is full of driven and intelligent professionals who are always at hand to guide and teach others. GLG’s business creates a shared space that fosters constant learning for our clients, our experts, and ourselves. Working with GLG’s clients has burnished my own confidence and changed both how capable I feel tackling my work and tackling the steps to progress my career.