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I am working as a bilingual Sales and Service Consultant at Wayfair and bring many years of work experience in different areas with me. Mainly I have worked in the retail sector and have gained extensive customer service experience from different environments. I have a Bachelor Degree in Business, which I have received after going back to college as a mature student, but believe previous work experience is equally as beneficial as the degree.

At Wayfair, work as a Sales & Service Consultant can be demanding, so it is important to manage time efficiently and organise the workload in a multifunctional manner. This was a new challenge for me at the start as I am also working in 2 languages.

My role is highly customer service orientated, we are problem solvers all day long and deal with a variety of customer issues. Every case presented to us is different to the last, and quick thinking under pressure is an important skill to be successful in this role.

Wayfair is also about having fun, enjoying going to work and being an active part of the company. Unlike other workplaces I have been involved in, Wayfair listens closely to its employees and genuinely cares. It is a place where managers of all levels are approachable and a lot of effort is directed towards teamwork and mixing with co-workers.

Wayfair is the first company where I feel genuinely appreciated, supported and where people are happy to ask for and offer help. As the company grows opportunities to progress are increasing, which creates an overall positive feeling within the company.

Galway is a welcoming, young, exciting and vibrant city to live in. Wayfair focuses a lot on social outings and out of work projects for which Galway is the ideal.