Graduate Jobs / Graduate Profiles

I have been working at Wayfair since August 2014. I started working in Customer Service as a Bilingual German/English Agent. I began my career with Wayfair working on the phone team before transitioning to the Email team. As I found with Wayfair, there is constant opportunity and encouragement for employees to progress their careers within the company. In June 2015, I was successful in my application for the position of Accounts Payable – Finance Analyst. This was an amazing opportunity to learn new skills within a very patient team and also work with the German language.

My daily tasks vary from entering invoices to making payments and ensuring that we are making payments on time so that we meet all requirements. I also create reports documenting the company Freight costs in a given time frame for the management team to review.

I have completed my BA in German and Economics, where I also had the terrific opportunity to study in Germany for one year. This was an amazing experience to bring my language efficiency to full fluency. After completing my BA, I decided to do a Masters in Advanced Language Skills. I felt that this was possibly the most interesting part of my studies as we had an opportunity to work even closer with the language. We covered a number of topics such as translation, interpretation and translation studies. Throughout my studies I have always been a hard-worker, with experience working in a delicatessen and also my local pub. I found it was very beneficial to have experience working with customers and learning what skills I needed to excel in any job I had.

In my current position I thoroughly enjoy having the chance to analyze costs and I find it very interesting to observe how much Wayfair has grown year on year and also month on month. I love the atmosphere in Wayfair and I have developed great relationships with many people with the company so far. It is great to come to a work environment where everyone works together and helps each other out. Wayfair strongly promotes team work and this is a great working environment to be in. I love coming to work to see so many smiling faces and it is clear that everyone is happy in their job. However, as with every job, you meet challenges and the biggest challenge that I have met to date was probably the fear of the accounts ‘Year-end’. I have heard friends of mine in other jobs mentioning the stress of year-end before and I was expecting a tough few weeks. It can be a stressful time for many people but luckily I have the help of my colleagues and the more tenured staff to offer support whenever needed. It is with the help of everyone on my team that I have been so successful in my role and I am greatly looking forward to taking on new tasks in 2016.

The Wayfair office is situated in Galway and Galway is definitely my favourite city in Ireland. I have lived here in Galway city for nearly 7 years and I feel that this is somewhere I would be happy to settle down. There is such a great vibe and atmosphere in Galway. Almost every hobby is catered for here. I, myself, am quite an avid mountain climber and am delighted to be so close to the mountains in the West to practice my favourite sport. The one thing I love about Galway is the variety of restaurants to choose from. We often get to try out some of these restaurants during our monthly staff outings that Wayfair organizes for its employees.

The best advice I can offer anyone thinking of applying to simply ‘Be Yourself’. The culture in Wayfair is relaxed and we want everyone to be happy in their jobs. Don’t forget- There is always room for progression at Wayfair.