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I started working at Wayfair in July 2015. After two weeks of training and two more weeks of ‘nesting’, I was ready to fly from the nest, to my own desk and answer queries and help customers buy the products they want. I worked in the phone team for almost 5 months and then I was moved to the email team. As Wayfair keeps changing and growing, so will you. You will never be bored!

I am not a morning person so my shifts at Wayfair begin at 10:30am. I arrive a little bit earlier to chat with my colleagues, check my emails and then the work begins. I reply to English and German queries, which the customers send us via e-mail. Although what I do for 8 hours a day is simply download emails and reply to them, it never gets boring because there are always tricky cases and that’s when you get your colleagues involved in helping you come up with the best solution. I love how my job allows me to work on my own and in a team.

However, the best thing about my job has got to be the absolutely amazing work atmosphere. The email team is not too big and so it is beginning to feel like a family to me, my work family. There is not a single question I have asked that has remained unanswered. There is no unfriendly competition between co-workers either; we help each other do the best work possible to meet the necessary metrics.

The job can also be quite challenging at times. In the phone team, for instance, you need to be extremely patient and empathetic even if customers call you with the exact same query ten times in a row. It takes some getting used to but at Wayfair your teammates, team leaders and managers are always there to lend a helping hand.

Before I began working as a Sales and Service Consultant at Wayfair I worked at my college in Germany, organized events and lectures. A few years before that, I was a customer service representative in Bulgaria answering customers’ queries via chat, email, and phone. Having some experience in a customer-oriented job is of great advantage for anyone who is considering applying to Wayfair. In terms of the language skills, it is essential that you are fluent in written and spoken German or French, and that your listening and reading skills are quite advanced too.

Therefore, the advice I would give to anyone who is thinking about applying for a position at Wayfair is the following: When you are preparing your application, make sure to focus on your language skills and experience working with customers. If you enjoy interacting with others, you have a positive attitude, like to use your brain and if you are ready to go the extra mile to ensure customers are happy, then you would fit in very well and Wayfair will become your family too.