Sláinte Healthcare

I am currently participating in the Sláinte Healthcare Graduate Programme.  I am thoroughly enjoying the programme so far. I feel I was able to go very quickly from being new to both of my teams to having a discernible positive impact on the team’s output and in helping them to achieve deadlines. The work has been exciting and of use to clients and the company and not just reading training materials. Everyone in the company has been very friendly and approachable when it comes to asking any questions relating to work or just chatting around the table at lunch.

I am currently working on an application that will allow a user to search through all of a patient’s forms, from any time they have been a patient, and choose which to print out for their record keeping, which can be quite a large volume of forms depending on the patient. This project has involved writing searching and sorting algorithms, the use of custom APIs, optimizing code for performance and quite a lot of planning as there are many parts to the application. It has also involved quite a few meetings with my mentor to discuss the functionality and its implementation. The application will be used by Sláinte Healthcare for the specific client it is being developed for and as a proof of concept to demonstrate to prospective clients and other members of staff what the Vitro platform is capable of.

Hendrik Sinclair

Job title: 
Graduate Programme