Sláinte Healthcare

When I arrived for the Interview I found the recruitment process very organised. The interviewers were so friendly that I did not feel nervous at all even though it was my first graduate interview. I felt the Assessment Programme that was conducted was excellent and totally gave me a chance to prove myself. Since I joined the Company, I continue to learn new skills and technologies in Sláinte Healthcare. Everyone is very supportive and friendly. Sláinte organises various kinds of activities to keep their employees fit physically and mentally.

It's been 4 months since I've joined the Company and I really notice the development I've gone through technically and personally. Everyone works as a team and helps each other. I was in the Integration department first and worked on the Iguana Interface with Lua scripting and with HL7 protocol. Now I'm in the Product department and working on Vitro. We create Vitro API's and integrate with JavaScript which gives endless possibilities and features in building software. Gaining peoples trust who use our technology is the success factor of Sláinte Healthcare.

Kapil Rajpurohit

Job title: 
Graduate Programme