Sláinte Healthcare

So far my time in Sláinte Healthcare has taken me from being a newly graduated student, lacking some confidence in his ability, to becoming a more developed person both from a technical perspective, as well as a personal one. This has all happened through the environment that is associated with Sláinte. The people here are understanding, helpful but will also push you and expect you to achieve targets that have been set out for you. Although team members are always here offering a helping hand, independent learning is also encouraged.

The Graduate Programme is a fantastic opportunity for new graduates to get a grounding knowledge of the entire company as we get to experience each team. The opportunity to learn is immense and the experience is invaluable.  I have now completed five months of the programme - I started in TSS supporting our products, upgrading systems on client sites to creating an OData API for our current product Vitro for the integration team. My knowledge is growing every day and the opportunities within Sláinte are endless. I feel right at home here!

Craig Pardy

Job title: 
Graduate Programme