It’s been three months since I started working as a Staffing Coordinator Intern at the VMware Beijing office in China. When I first started, I was not familiar with the projects that I would be working on, but with the help of my teammate and mentor Jenny, I was able to successfully begin work. I have learned how to connect with candidates, schedule interviews and confirm interview times. I’ve also had the opportunity to contribute to the APJ (Asia-Pacific-Japan) Staffing Coordinator playbook, which is a step-by-step instruction on how to schedule interviews. The book is now being used by the entire APJ Staffing Coordinator team and has received positive feedback from the group. It was wonderful to hear how my efforts have positively impacted other coworkers and that it is making a difference in the candidate journey at VMware.

In China, it is not common for a subordinate to talk directly with his or her boss about anything. However, the community at VMwareprovides a clear and positive work environment, which means a lot to me. Through open workspaces, regular check-ins with my manager and team, as well as free snacks and drinks, I’m empowered to focus on my work while being comfortable too. I know that I’m a valued member of the team and am respected by my peers no matter their role at the company. Although my manager sits in the Singapore office, we have regular one-on-one check-ins over the phone. I’m able to ask her the questions on my mind and share how my week is going. She is always there to share her perspectives on how she might work through any challenges that I’m facing with my work. The APJ Staffing Coordinator team also has monthly meetings, which is a great opportunity for everyone on the team to share their latest project plans and work through any problems that we might be facing that day.

The kindness that I’ve been shown by other coworkers who has reached out to go have meals together or asked if I need help if I have run into trouble with my work has been so appreciated. The working attitude of everyone has influenced me a lot as well. Everyone is passionate for their work and truly believes that they can make a difference. I know that the work that I’ve contributed is valued by my teammates, and this makes me feel respected and empowers me to do my work better.

I love VMware and believe that my internship here will be one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life.

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Karl Wang

Job title: 
Staffing Coordinator Intern