A Passion for Innovation

The simplicity and purity of mathematical and logical tasks have always appealed to me. This is why I went to New Bulgarian University to pursue my curiosity for math. There we use exciting tools like Mathemetica, which solves complex mathematical problems fast. In combination with the great lecturers and my classmates, my passion for technology was ignited.

Boosting Talent in Bulgaria

I first heard about the VMware Talent Boost Class from two of my friends who had attended previous sessions. The highly intensive course is held during the summer at VMware’s office site in Sofia, Bulgaria. One of the best things about the course was the size of the class. There were only 20 students in my session, so we all had the opportunity to connect and get our questions around the course material answered. Through the course I learned that it is okay to ask questions, even if you ask those questions more than once. Asking questions doesn’t make you sound unqualified or unprepared. Having an inquiring mind shows that you are a responsible and proactive addition to the team. 

One of my biggest moments of growth was after the Talent Boost Class when I joined VMware as a member of the 2015 intern class. Interning at VMware will not only allow me to apply my learnings from Talent Boost, but also explore new areas within Information Technology while becoming acclimated to the workplace atmosphere as a young professional. Overall, the Talent Boost Class allowed me to systemize my knowledge in a way that now gives me a holistic snapshot of IT.

VMware Intern Life

As a VMware intern, I have had the opportunity to work on a project that focuses on the optimization of the data transport of the product my team is working on. Every week I have discussions with my mentor around what I have worked on, any problems that I’ve run into and the best approach to tackle them. Along with my mentor meetings, I have had the opportunity to go to other team meetings with the broader group where the entire group gets together to discuss major changes and plans for the project. For lunch, we usually go to some of the nearby food places, which has been a great way to get to know my colleagues better while taking a break from the workday.

Milestone Memories or Embracing Moments of Growth

One of my favorite VMware memories is from the recent office site company event. Each year, VMware Bulgaria organizes an event for the Sofia employees to get together. This year, the event was held in October near Sofia in a town called Sandanski. Sandanski is known for its thermal springs and clean air free of allergens. The event incorporated Service Learning, which is an opportunity for employees to give back to the causes closest to their hearts. It was a great day because there were various volunteer opportunities including crafting souvenirs, painting schools, cleaning national parks, and translating information into Bulgarian for foreign educational sites. I participated in the group that crafted souvenirs. We made nice products that will be sold at charity bazaars. Knowing that we were creating something that will help others was a great feeling. That day was a great experience for me because I know we were helping make a difference in the community.

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Sonya Mileva

Job title: 
Member of Technical Staff Intern