A Day in the Life at VMware 

My day begins with a hot cup of coffee and checking emails. I am working with the DevOps team for VMware Identity Manager (vIDM) to develop an Operator Dashboard to display analytics information. The project involves global collaboration, so I have the opportunity to partner with teammates at VMware Headquarters in Palo Alto, California. Brainstorming with my mentor over a particular issue is a daily feature. And when you have a mentor with a sense of humor, it can be a lot of fun. I spend most of my time coding for tasks and incorporating review suggestions, so the project is as challenging as it is interesting, as every day I am learning a new tool or concept. When I need to relax, a game of foosball or table tennis is my escape. The day ends for the India team with a stand-up meeting to discuss project statuses and blockers.

Community Inside at Company  

I love the people here – they are intelligent, treat each other with respect and are always ready to help. I have already learned so much in just over three months and I can’t thank my colleagues and manager enough for it. And not to forget the fun part, I have been to so many team dinners and parties, including Intern Day, a fun outing with games and activities around Bangalore, as well as my first Beer Bash, a tradition that brings employees together at the end of the week to celebrate our accomplishments and community together. [IMG-20151030-WA0002]

Milestone Memories

When I was able to give a demonstration of my project after it first went into production. The demonstration was part of a Sprint Review, which is a fortnightly event to review the work done by all the teams at vIDM. I was surprised by how well my demo was received by everyone. I felt a sense of accomplishment and it was an amazing feeling.

Embracing Moments of Growth

If you are enthusiastic about technology and want to work in a highly productive environment, VMware is the place to be. You will get a chance to work on real projects and explore technologies beyond the regular university curriculum. If you have an opportunity at VMware, take it with both hands and get ready for an invaluable learning experience.

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Mayank Juneja

Job title: 
Intern, R&D