Hi I’m Zoe and I started the Tesco Graduate Programme in September 2015.

I have found the programme engaging and insightful due to the opportunity to work both in stores and in the head office. Overall the programme has been enjoyable and continues to be an endless learning experience where you are surrounded by genuine and helpful colleagues in the dynamic retail world. 

As part of the programme, the Graduates and I spent four months in stores as a Line Manager. This was a very fast paced environment where I gained a valuable understanding of the day to day retail operations of the business. On a typical day as a Counters Manager for the Deli, Butcher and Bakery, I would be managing KPI’s, creating staff rosters, managing health and safety standards and solving customer queries. This time in store has given me a fuller picture of how decisions made in the office can have effects on the ground.

The strength of the rotational Graduate Programme is that you can explore different avenues of the business from Finance, Corporate Affairs, HR, Buying and many more. The Tesco Talent Team is always there to support you with your development.  Training sessions are organised each month in the Learning Academy, ensuring your own personal growth while increasing your business awareness and skills. I would recommend the Programme to anyone interested in challenging themselves while working in a dynamic changing industry.