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Melissa Selasie Ametewee

The school I was placed in during the period I was a Conversational Assistant was amazing. It was a Catholic Primary, Secondary School and Sixth Form based in Valencia. It was really inspirational to be an asset to the children, students and teachers there because they appreciated my encouragement, motivation and work I supported them with.

Going to the school each day was so surreal, my colleagues/teachers were so helpful and friendly also the children were always excited and enthusiastic to learn Conversational Oral English withme.It's a great role to have, very rewarding in all kinds of ways, as much as I taught them things they also taught me.

The entire school were completely welcoming and supportive to my mission and duties at the school. The Host Family I stayed with were so kind and great. I was a bit skeptical at first, living with strangers; however they
completely turned around any doubts I may have had. They welcomed me in their home and treated me like an addition to their family; their hospitality will not be forgotten. I got a lot more out of my experience by living with a host family because I had the opportunity to be completely submerged in the culture and language. I made good friends with my colleagues at the school and even though I am no longer atthe school, we still maintain contact with each other. 

The entire experience I shared with CAPS was fun and interesting. I won't lie and say it was a challenge at times, but I went in with an open-mind and after the programme doors have opened which I didn't expect would be available to me. I'm glad I made the decision to embark on the opportunity!