I have been working in ISC Dubai since August 2011.Living and working in this blossoming city has been a very enjoyable experience. Dubai is a fast-paced exhilarating city that strives fore excellence. The same can be said for our school. We are academically fast-paced school. We strive for excellence. Our students are very proud to call themselves ‘Choueifatters’. Our students play an important role in how our school is run. They work as mentors assisting weaker students and helping them achieve their best. They run Anti Bullying campaigns and work alongside SLO to ensure our school is a fun, safe environment. This sense of responsibility is very good at molding them into responsible young adults ready to enter into their adult life.

I have found working in this school a challenging but rewarding experience. Arriving into such a huge school with a vast number of employees can be a daunting experience. Working here has been a huge learning curve for me. It has allowed me the opportunity to work with people from all creeds and backgrounds. I have found there is a real sense of community here. Most of us are expats living in Dubai miles away from our home countries. After a while Choueifat becomes a second family. The friendships I have made here I will cherish forever.