It’s truly amazing how far I’ve come and all the things I have done since that first day of school way back in 1986. I started school in kindergarten 1, graduated in 2000 and stayed an extra year to do my A’ levels in grade 13 before going to the university of Edinburgh whereby I studied pharmacology with industrial experience. My life in Choueifat did not end at graduation, I came back to work at the school and I am currently in my ninth year of teaching chemistry at Choueifat Dubai.

At ISC-Sharjah I have had the chance to take the full education provided i.e. KG1 through to grade 13. My participation in the student life organization as head of the academic department at school has shaped my character and personality in order to become a teacher. I used to spend hours teaching my fellow peers and friends during weekends and after school hours. This experience has made me an excellent group member and team leader and taught me how to communicate effectively with people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Reminiscing back to my graduation at school and joining Edinburgh University, I was given the option to join first year pharmacology without passing through the first preparatory year and hence get my honour’s degree in three years. I had a big edge at university, Even though I chose a highly competitive course, I have never felt any lack of knowledge and preparation due to my excellent academic background from SABIS. All throughout my courses, the educational grounding that SABIS has provided me with, equipped me to go through the whole ordeal of exams and papers easily. The SABIS system, though many of my students say is tough and very demanding, really pays off later when you join university. You definitely will have a VIP educational passport to enter into any university/college system of your choice.

Needless to say, I ended up in a SABIS school as a Chemistry teacher and then as Head of the Chemistry Department. The SABIS points method of teaching is extremely efficient whereby students learn point by point and the constant testing allows me to follow the progress of my students on a weekly basis. The detailed reports on every test show the areas in which individual students are experiencing difficulty in and as a result I am able to adapt my teaching to address these issues. This provides me with constant professional development and over the years I have excelled to be an outstanding teacher. My experience at the International School of Choueifat has been extremely positive and I am proud to be part of a hard-working and dedicated team of teachers and administrators who strive to help students reach their full potential. Every year I get frequent visits from graduates telling me about their university experiences and how I have had a positive impact on their lives in both a professional and personal way.

Choueifat has become my home, my family has been in the institution for over 100 years, my mother, uncles, aunts , cousins and brother are also graduates of the school. We are all extremely proud to be graduates of this school and I am extremely proud to be a part of a team that constantly strives to provide a better education for our students.