October 2005 was the start of an unknown ambiguous journey, when i left my home country, beloved family, friends and surrounding.

Sabis was the destination; and as one of good new careers it kicked off with baby steps. I can’t deny my mixed feelings, being acquainted to the new life and missing the old one at the same time.

A year has passed and the old memories that always accompanied my mind started vanishing, as i spent day after day with my new community.

Sabis has become a big part of my life already, and this has accumulated through various factors titled under the big umbrella of the comfort zone.

Lovely people, professionalism, loyalty, care, accredited organization, competitive scheme and amazing senior leadership, I call them incentives that kept me looking forward and craving for more success.

Eight great years have passed and the sparkling light is still what i see ahead. Excitement is what i will always feel whenever i step the classroom and dedication is what i will always offer to students and colleagues.

Finally, i can’t be more thankful for the wonderful journey i had so far and i will always renew my passion by keeping my Moto in life: "Don't aim for success if you want it, just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally".