On graduating from university in Ireland in 2005, I was offered a teaching position in ISCDXB. I had been considering teaching as a career and I knew that this opportunity would show me if I had the necessary qualities for this vocation.  Although having certain personality traits can make teaching easier, it is really a skill that requires hands on experience in a classroom to excel. I spent three happy years teaching KG1, five years as a grade one class teacher and now I am the A.Q.C. for the Infants’ Department.

As SABIS is a huge organization with schools in many appealing locations, it is possible to transfer from one school to another if you need a change of scenery. An important benefit of working for this company is that they are very organized and reliable. Free accommodation is provided, transportation to and from school every day, health insurance and in over eight years I have never been paid late.

Working for SABIS has allowed me to expand my horizons, acquire new skills and it has exposed me to a variety of new experiences and cultures.