Graduate Jobs / Graduate Profiles

I joined Vision Care Ireland in June 2015 as a Manufacturing Engineer. As part of the JNJ University Hire Program we received excellent training and were exposed to different areas of the business such as Quality, Operations, Manufacturing and Process Engineering. This allowed me to learn how business is conducted in Vision Care very quickly.

The level of technology and automation in the plant has far exceeded my expectations. Every day I am faced with new challenges, gaining experience in different areas and learning new techniques of problem solving and project delivery. I have had the opportunity of working on various projects across the plant as well as day to day manufacturing support and troubleshooting.

As part of the JNJ Campus Ireland University Hire Program we have collaborated with Graduates in other Irish JNJ Companies such as Janssen and Depuy. This has allowed us to share our experiences and see the variation of roles available in JNJ Ireland as we develop in our career. Working for Johnson & Johnson allows you to work in a competitive environment in both medical device and pharmaceutical. The exposure to different roles, products and processes allows you to develop as a Graduate and work in a position you are passionate about.