Graduate Jobs / Graduate Profiles

I started working with Wayfair in November 2015 as a Customer Service Agent with French and English handling orders from the US, Canada and the United Kingdom. The selection process consisted of a phone interview and then an interview day where we got to meet the other candidates applying. I found this type of hiring process to be very engaging as well as interesting as it really gave me an insight into the personalities of those who worked there and also the type of company there are with team building exercises as part of the process.

My love of French began from the start of secondary school. I completed a B.A International at NUIG as well as spending a year abroad in Avignon, France as an Erasmus student where my knowledge and fluency of French really did grow from strength to strength. It was such an amazing learning experience not just on an academic level, put also on a personal one too and stood to be so valuable. I then decided to complete a Masters in Advanced Language Skills at NUIG which focused primarily on Translation while incorporating many other areas involving language such as Interpreting and Subtitling. This was definitely the right path to choose as it further improved my understanding and knowledge of French and coupled with previous experience in roles related to customer service, applying for a job with Wayfair was the right thing to do and I have not looked back since.

The atmosphere within the company is incredibly relaxed, friendly, and easy-going and I really think that proves itself in how we deal with our customers and the fact that we are known for having top quality customer service. The environment you work in can really impact you work ethic and being surrounded by a can-do attitude really does make a difference in how you approach your job daily. I was also given the chance to jump on board with a number of projects here which really highlights how the company recognises your strengths and will do anything they can to steer you towards them. I have had the opportunity to not only use my French on the phone or by email with customers and suppliers, but I got the opportunity to work with our Inventory Compliance department and I am now working in Customer Advocacy. In the space of only 10 months, I have really seen so much with three different positions! This makes the job really exciting. Every day is unpredictable and you never know what you might learn on a day to day basis from one phone call or email to the next. Having the chance to be involved with other departments is so beneficial if you want to gain an insight without fully committing yourself to a position there. Roles and responsibilities for each position are so transferable and adaptable; something that the training program here really supports.

Wayfair also offers constant training opportunities if ever you feel you want to learn about something or just improve the skillset you have for your current job. They really are supportive of your personal development so that you can apply them to your role there, but also to employment outside of the company while also offering tuition reimbursement.

For anyone interested in language, my best advice would be to practice it daily; a proactive approach is key. There are so many apps today that will keep you in touch with it as well as online resources such as listening to the radio stations and reading the newspapers. Every little helps. Immersing yourself in the culture like what the BA in NUIG offered is also essential to really ramp up your fluency and understanding of the language and culture and there are so many avenues that you can apply a language across an array of employment sectors.  I really think both my academic experience and work here with Wayfair has really helped me transgress into the ‘Real World’ after college and with a company so divers and continually growing, the job opportunities are endless!