Graduate Jobs / Graduate Profiles

What led to your choice of career and why?

I met Workday at a career fair and was struck by how everyone was so excited and positive.  I wanted a role that could offer something new every day while interacting with a diversity of people and languages. My role at Workday have exceeded my expectations! I started as an Enterprise Sales Analyst and was promoted within few months into the Corporate Sales Development team.  I speak French, English, and Spanish on a daily basis.  I also wanted to work and travel abroad and have not been disappointed.  This year alone, I visited Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, and the US with Workday!


What did you study at university and how is it applicable in your current role?

I studied Applied Languages (French & Spanish) in the University of Limerick.  I use my language skills daily to understand and connect with clients from companies across Europe.


What further training and study opportunities are there?

Throughout the six months as an Enterprise Sales Analyst, you receive training and support to accelerate your career.  At Workday, you really hit the ground running, shadow colleagues to upskill, and make an impact from day one.

Even after receiving my Corporate Sales Development certification, there are more opportunities for further training and personal development.

The Generation Workday programme itself supports your professional development, organising sessions so you get familiar with the wider business as a whole as well as more practical workshops such as Public Speaking.  The GW programme has made a significant impact on my career and personal development. With this support and training, I feel well equipped to be good at what I do.

Workday is serious about attracting and developing top talent by providing opportunities to do real work.  Very early on, we are encouraged to think about our potential progression in the company.  Judging by my colleagues’ experiences, if  we are willing to work hard and learn as much as possible, there are a variety of future roles available to us.


What do you feel is the strongest asset you have brought to your role and what’s the biggest lesson you have learned?

Determination.  I saw what I wanted and went for it!  You need a certain amount of resilience to succeed.  I was one of the first people to take on the role and progress up the ranks.  It’s been great to have management look for my input to help shape the role.  It’s exciting to see the team grow in response.

I’ve learned so much this past year but I think the most important thing is that it’s ok not to know everything!  Workday let’s you speak your mind and learn by doing real work.


Any advice for other graduates seeking to work in a similar field?

Get involved in all that the culture has to offer.  We take work seriously here but we also have a lot of fun.  From our Carnival Day to Halloween dress up to raising money for charity, there is always something going on.  Don’t be afraid to take a chance and push yourself, you never know what might happen.