Graduate Jobs / Graduate Profiles

What led to your choice of career and why?

I have a background in visual design.  I have always been interested in the user’s experience especially product design,  so I decided to go back to school to add this extra knowledge to my skillsets.


What did you study at university and how is it applicable in your current role?

I studied Information Systems in the University College of Dublin, but built my curriculum around User Experience.  Because I could tailor my programme, I gained the necessary experience to succeed at my current role as a Workday Product Designer.


What further training and study opportunities are there?

I learn every day from my colleagues.  The environment at Workday fosters collaboration, which helps you become stronger in your role.  There are also courses available to learn about virtually any part of the Workday community.  I recently took a course in XpressO (our proprietary development language) to learn more about our developers’ environment so I can be a better designer.  Also, through the Generation Workday programme, I have access to different people, departments, and tools to empower me to be the best I can be.


What do you feel is the strongest asset you have brought to your role and what’s the biggest lesson you have learned?

I was prepared to step into a position where I was given major responsibilities right off the bat. Within the first few days as a graduate in Workday, I had meetings with Product Managers and developers where we discussed projects that I would lead.  Then, I worked on design elements on one of our newest apps and conducted research on important design tasks.  These initial responsibilities along with the invaluable support from my manager and team, have exponentially grown my confidence and experience during my first year at Workday.


Any advice for other graduates seeking to work in a similar field?

Brand yourself. Make sure your CV, portfolio, and social media presence are a well planned package.  In most cases, you have to impress employers before ever saying one word to them.  Often, your CV and design portfolio are their first impression.  Also, don’t forget to talk about your personal interests.  This not only gives the interviewer some insight into who you are, but it also gives you something interesting to talk about during your interviews.