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Claire isn’t the obvious disruptive type. She studied maths in Trinity before joining our Analytics team, here in EY. She’s not the type to burst into an operating theatre and start asking the surgeons who their favourite Friends’ character is. She’s not disruptive in the way a little brother can be disruptive. However the work she’s doing is disrupting, and improving how we all approach doing business.

“Analytics is all about asking Questions “Is there a better way to approach the problem or a better question to be asked to get an alternative point of view”. Why just go along when you can disrupt and find new ways of doing things? We are always exploring new ways to do things here on the analytics team through using new tools, new techniques etc. We are Disrupting and reinventing the way EY performs Audits, improving the quality, efficiency and effectiveness.”

She’s helping EY to move towards its objective of building a better working world. We’re delighted to have Claire on the team, but Claire, why EY?

“There is a strong EY presence in Trinity, advertising internships / Graduate jobs in job fairs, on flyers etc. I applied to EY because of its well-known brand and global presence. EY’s focus on people was evident during the interview process, I always felt valued.”

And how do you like it?

“My background is in Mathematics which developed my logical thinking and problem solving skills. I was really interested in working in Analytics and EY is a fantastic place to do so. I joined the Analytics Team as a Graduate in September and have really enjoyed my time so far. The Analytics team is so diverse; we have people from so many different backgrounds. It is a very fun and inclusive team to work on.”

“EY allows me to work flexibly, I can work from home if I have an appointment or work from a different office when visiting family abroad. My boyfriend lives in Cambridge, so for a few days a month I work from the Cambridge office. That kind of flexibility is incredible.”