Graduate Jobs / Graduate Profiles

Mark graduated from Business and Management in DIT in 2015. He then joined our Graduate Program in Tax. However, in EY, we knew Mark long before then.

“I was successful in winning an internship with EY through the EY DIT Head-to-Head Case Study Challenge. I interned with Corporate Tax and the Entrepreneur of the Year team for the summer. During this period I was chosen to represent EY Ireland at the International Intern Leadership Conference in Florida, where I made invaluable connections and unforgettable memories.”

We were pretty happy to have Mark back in EY, after he graduated.

“I was delighted to secure my graduate contract with EY and returned to UKI Tax in 2015. Throughout the year I have had many exciting challenges and opportunities. I have worked with various departments in EY including EOY, Health & Wellbeing, CSR, and Recruitment.”

We know why we wanted Mark to join us, but why did he choose EY?

“I chose EY based on its incredible people culture and global status. From my very first impressions of EY I was blown away by the helpful and generous nature of the people I met. Whether it was offering guidance on which department to apply for, or discussing day to day work, I was never short of confidence in asking for help thanks to the friendliness and approachability of its employees. The globally integrated structure of EY is something that has appealed from me from the beginning, as I have always loved travel and wanted the opportunity to travel in the future without slowing my career. From travelling to Florida, to coordinating 14 countries over one project my time in EY has thoroughly been an international one thus far.”

Just as EY is a globally integrated firm, Mark is a person who likes to engage with business on a global setting.

Mark is just the kind of person we’re looking for in EY.