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Applying for all the different graduate programmes can be overwhelming, especially when exams and project deadlines are soon approaching.

My word of advice is this:

Take your time to get a good understand what the job involves. If the International Graduate programme seems like something you would enjoy, then give yourself enough time to get some good advice on improving your CV and give the application your best effort. That’s all you can do.

What I’ve got from the job to date:

For me personally, I think what made this programme so valuable, was that by the age of 24 I had already developed international business experience and an international business network.

Regardless of what industry I choose to work in or whether I decide to be an entrepreneur in the future, having international business experience and an international business network, is something of high-value that I can take anywhere.

That’s what makes this opportunity so unique. 

Robert Walsh - California

Job title: 
2015 Market Executive, Mountain View, California