There is no other graduate programme that offers a graduate the same level of responsibility, trust and exposure to companies in numerous sectors as much as the EI Grad programme. Over the two year programme, you will be able to learn and experience the success and failures of indigenous Irish companies on an international scale as you work in tandem with our 33 offices worldwide on the common goal of creating jobs in Ireland.

Working for Enterprise Ireland allows me to work on a number of varying projects. Today in the Milan office, I am organising our regional SEMEAI conference in Italy, doing market research for a company who would like to enter the Moroccan market, contacting Italian companies about the possibility of setting up a meeting with an Irish client company in September, as well as organising a market visit for another indigenous Irish company to attend a trade show in Milan. Each day is different and tomorrow will bring a new set of challenges and for me this is why I love the programme, no two days are the same.

If you love to travel, experience new cultures and want to gain a secure foothold in the international business world with the aspiration to do more, the EI graduate program is the best fit for you.