I joined Ceramicx, a leading industrial infrared heating systems provider of ceramic heaters as Project Manager. Ceramicx’s FUSION project developed a capital and operationally cost effective machine for forming and curing carbon fibre. The project was developed in conjunction with Belfast Metropolitan College and has created interest from all over the world with customers in the USA, France, Germany, Turkey and beyond.

The project has enabled me to develop my project management skills and expand my network in the exciting and rapidly growing world of carbon fibre for aero-structures. 

Joining Ceramicx R&D and NPD function was a natural progression after completing a PhD in materials science and heat transfer. Alongside the formal teachings, the Post-Graduate Diploma in Business & Management gave me insights into other market sectors and contacts within these which has been hugely beneficial to me. The multi-discipline approach of the diploma combined with my technical knowledge and Ceramicx dynamic approach to growth and innovation have all been excellent. 

Following the conclusion of FUSION, I stayed with the company to continue to drive growth in the R&D function and carbon fibre markets. The InterTradeIreland Graduate Programme is an exciting, dynamic and invaluable programme which innovative graduates should pursue.