I was studying for my Masters in Business Analytics in Smurfit when I applied for a graduate role with PwC. I was really interested in the Risk Assurance department as this was very relevant in relation to the work I had been doing in my Masters course. PwC has a very good reputation in the market and serves a very wide range of clients. As I come from an IT background, PwC provides me with good exposure to the business side while still giving me the opportunity to leverage my previous experience. In my team, we help the clients and the audit teams to better understand their data and highlight any potential risks or frauds. We draw insights from huge volumes of data and assist the audit teams in targeting the area of focus for further analysis.

Right from the first day at PwC, it has been a fantastic journey. Most important is that all new graduates feel welcomed here. We are not left on our own in a new working environment and are always part of a team. I was quite nervous when I first joined as I come from an entirely different culture, but everyone makes an effort to make the new graduates as comfortable as possible. Everyone is really approachable and the buddy system is really helpful!

Your buddy is basically the first point of contact for any issues and they will take you for lunch on your first day and help you settle in.

While I am working hard in my role, I also really enjoy the social side of PwC. I try to attend as many of the social events as possible as it is a great way to meet new people. Another aspect that I really enjoy is the chance to take part in some CSR activities and this is something that the Firm really encourages, I have been involved in work with numerous different charities over the past few months.

I have loved my time in PwC so far and am really looking forward to what the future holds for me in this role.