I joined PwC after completing a Summer Internship. This was really beneficial as I saw first-hand the opportunities that the accountancy and tax qualifications could create for me. From the first day of the internship I felt that PwC was the right fit for me, the people, the dynamics and the work place environment. Everyone in PwC is very friendly, welcoming and always willing to help, from your buddy to Partners. This, coupled with the fact that you start in an intake, made the transition from college to work much easier and less daunting.

Since I joined I have made friends for life, I knew I would meet a lot of great people in PwC but I never expected that some of these people would become my best friends, the friends I spend every Friday night with and go on holidays with. This has been a big bonus of choosing the graduate programme at PwC.

I am a tax consultant in the foreign direct tax department (FDI). My day-to-day role involves helping clients and providing tax advice across a wide variety of industries and jurisdictions. My work is varied and challenging and I am constantly learning and developing new skills. Day to day work includes preparing corporation tax returns, educating clients on the ever-changing tax environment, answering any tax / business questions a client may have, encouraging clients to invest in Ireland and international restructuring projects.

As I work in FDI, I am also involved in advising foreign multi-national companies investing in Ireland and liaising international projects over a number of foreign jurisdictions. This has given me the opportunity to work with various foreign PwC offices and learn about global tax laws.

A huge emphasis is placed on training and development in PwC, whether it is organised training from the L&D team, department specific training lead by one of your colleagues or on the job training. The huge amount of support and investment by PwC in training has played a massive impact in my career development and has helped me become a confident, well informed tax advisor.

There’s a long list of reasons why I enjoy my job and working at PwC: the people, the varied and interesting work, endless support from your team and the L&D team, study leave, secondment opportunities, an unbelievable office and working environment, the social scene and the huge range of career options.