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I first heard about SIG at a careers fair in UCD. I was studying statistics but I also had a strong interest in financial markets. I was struck by SIG’s emphasis on probability, game theory, and problem solving in their approach to trading so I decided to apply to the Assistant Trader (AT) Programme. During the application process, we were always encouraged to use logical and innovative thinking rather than apply a tried and tested solution to a problem. This reassured me that SIG was unique in their approach to education.

As part of the AT Programme my first three weeks consisted of classroom-based education. After thorough training, I was assigned to a trading desk where I currently work and now run daily tasks for the traders. We play poker three times a week and also participate in mock trading, which allows us to practice making trading decisions under pressure. And, of course, there are plenty of social events, including a carnival-themed summer party and a trip to an escape room. If you have a flair for games and an analytical mind, SIG is definitely the place for you.