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As part of my degree, we were required to complete a 6 month internship in our third year of studies. I attended a SIG talk on campus and was immediately interested to hear that all SIG employees, whether they are managers or interns, work side-by-side. Coming from a computer science background, I had no knowledge about trading or the financial sector, so it was even more interesting to be given the opportunity to learn about such a different

Now that I have returned to SIG on the graduate programme, it’s great to see projects that I worked on during my internship still being used and developed today. This proves that the work you do really does have an impact. The Technology Associate Graduate Programme presents me with challenges that I was taught about in lectures and gives me the opportunity to overcome them to the highest standard, all while learning new skills too. It’s hard to imagine the incredible speed and power the latest technology can truly provide, but with SIG you will definitely be on your way to understanding and utilising it.