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I’ve always had an interest in finance. Even while I was pursuing a degree in engineering, I took as many finance-related electives as I could. I was heavily involved in sports throughout college, a product of my competitive nature, but when I was interning at various engineering firms, none of them seemed to be the right fit. From reading about SIG online, and through people I knew who worked there, it seemed like it would be a good/perfect match for me; a place where I could combine my competitive nature with my aptitude for quantitative problem solving.

What sets SIG apart is its dynamic trading environment, which requires you to be adaptable as no two days are the same. It also doesn’t matter how long you’ve worked in SIG, if you have a good idea, it will get implemented, which is something that you might have to wait a few years for in other companies. If you have the right mind-set and enjoy challenging yourself, SIG is a great place to work. You are provided with all the resources necessary and given every opportunity to succeed.