Graduate Jobs / Graduate Profiles

You see and hear lots about employers at graduate fairs but I relied on word of mouth. Hearing things from people who have already been there is a really powerful way to get under an organisation’s skin. I wanted to learn about the whole business and I certainly got that. Operational training in our stores and warehouses gives you hugely valuable insight that you can then bring back to Head Office and utilise when implementing projects.

I was looking for career progression, so I wanted a growing business where I could see a long term future. I also wanted diverse and challenging work, early responsibility, an open culture and to know that I would find the work
interesting. Everybody I did my Masters with went to work in investment banks or accountancy firms but I did my thesis on grocery retail and have loved every minute here. I know I made the right choice.

The support across the whole team has been something I did not expect. I work with some very influential people and have bags of opportunity and responsibility. Before starting, I would have wrongly claimed to be ‘proficient in Excel’, however, I soon learnt that that was a gross exaggeration. My manager gave me reading material, set up meetings and enrolled me in Excel classes which meant after a month I was creating my own tools. The training is incredible.

The time is flying and I’m learning so much. Choosing Lidl is the best decision you will make.