I first started working with Ericsson as part of a college placement and soon became immersed in the culture and exciting atmosphere. The friends I’ve made here come from all over the world and they have made a real impression on me. The environment has always been friendly and there is always someone willing to lend a hand or suggest a solution. The topics and projects I’ve been involved with have been intriguing, challenging and always satisfying when complete.

Since joining as a graduate, I have begun work with a new team in an exciting new area of Network Management software with wide scale impacts upon the future of how telecom companies run, monitor and manage their systems. I am ramping up on becoming competent in the team’s work, focusing mainly on Java and Groovy. All teams within Ericsson work under the principles Agile and Scrum and I think it proves to be very effective. Continuous integration also plays a big role in Ericsson, with super helpful support from team members to get you up to speed with any new tools. I am delighted to return and continue my journey with Ericsson.