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My name is Jo Kane and I am a 1st year Trainee Solicitor with A&L Goodbody. I completed a B.A. in European Studies at Trinity College Dublin before completing the Postgraduate Diploma in Law at Dublin Institute of Technology.

My undergraduate degree covered several disciplines and as a result was very broad; moving into law appealed to me as it was an opportunity to focus and develop my skills in a more specific area, and to work in a field that is both challenging and constantly evolving. I am currently on my first rotation with the Insurance team, having worked as a paralegal in the Litigation department before commencing my training contract.

Throughout my time at the Firm I have enjoyed constantly learning and developing new skills, as well as being given increased responsibility as I progress. It has also been a pleasant surprise to see how much the skills I acquired at university, particularly research and analysis, have stood to me in the commercial law environment.

My advice to anyone considering moving into law from a non-law discipline would be to play to your strengths. Instead of viewing your background as a disadvantage, look at what relevant skills and qualities you do have, be they academic or practical, and how they can transfer to a career in law. There are many people within the Firm, at junior and senior level, who moved into law from another area, so it's no reason to feel you can't or shouldn't apply.