Graduate Jobs / Graduate Profiles

My role:

I first met Workday at the DCU ‘final year project expo’ where we  talked about open positions. I then had a phone call with a Workday recruiter to discuss a specific role, and from there I completed a coding test. Once I passed that, I was invited onsite where I met the manager and other members of the team and discussed technical ability, values, and culture.

Based on my interview experience, I am now a Software Engineer in the Development Operations team. I am currently involved in public cloud projects at Workday. We use a lot of different technologies, and because of that, day-to-day, I spend a lot of time coding and scripting. Writing scripts and simple automation functions are important to make my team and other teams work more efficiently.

I am entrusted with real tasks and expected to contribute and deliver. I am invited to all meetings from the beginning along with my teammates. I’ve been given complete ownership of projects with the understanding that, if I need help, I can always ask a senior member of the team or a manager for guidance.

Career development:

I take part in regular training on technical and soft skills, which is hosted by external third-parties as well as the Generation Workday programme.

My manager also sets short and medium-term goals for me, and  I am working to apply those skills and progress as a professional. This year, I started to take on a mentor role on the team.

Tips to current students looking for a job:

Prepare a good CV and projects for yourself: decide what particular area you are interested in and focus on relevant projects.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions once you are in the workplace as this will help you learn.

Technical ability isn’t the only priority: be good at problem solving and have strong communication skills.