Graduate Jobs / Graduate Profiles

My job:

I work in the Corporate Sales Development (CSD) team for the Nordics market. I reach out to companies to get an understanding of their business challenges and priorities, and introduce how Workday could benefit their organisation and what they are aiming to achieve. I am based in Dublin with the multinational team but also work closely with the regional sales and marketing teams based in the Nordics.

To be successful in my role, you need to be able to balance and prioritise a lot of different tasks at the same time, and have excellent communication skills. The role is broad and involves communicating with a lot of different people daily, both internally and externally. You also need to be creative and strategic to find and qualify those sales opportunities.

How I got here:

I had just graduated and wanted to move abroad and experience something new. I was open to different kinds of roles, so when I heard from a friend about this job at Workday, I got interested right away. I spoke with a Workday recruiter first, then the sales team members, and realised it was a match for me.

I was hired into the graduate role, Enterprise Sales Analyst, and after 6 months I got promoted into CSD. Transitioning into this new role and really understanding how to succeed in a sales role has been the most exciting challenge. I was given a lot of responsibility early on in the role.

What it’s like to work at Workday:

Management is behind you and pushes you to be successful. The team is very supportive of one another, which can be unusual for a sales environment. However, we do have healthy competition too.

Both in the overall company and within the teams there is a lot of focus on team fun. For example, we recently went zip lining. It’s nice getting to know each other outside of the office environment.

Career development:

From the start, there has been training and certifications to keep upskilling. This has included learning about different roles, sales best practices, and how to develop what you’re interested in and good at. I realised this past year that I’m really enjoying the sales environment and I am motivated to keeping building on my career in this field. Additionally, I have regular and open career progression conversations with my manager where we work together on goals and ways to achieve them. Because of these efforts, in addition to working hard within my role, I recently received a promotion.

Career progression is taken seriously here – we’ve had multiple people promoted into different parts of the business in Dublin and across the world; there’s a ton of opportunity.

Tips for current students looking for a job:

Being a recent grad you’ll have less work experience than others on your team, but remember that you also have a lot of valuable opinions and ideas. On our team we have people from all over Europe, with different cultural and academic backgrounds. You should engage with your peers and learn from them.

You should also research the marketplace and make sure you know about the company and what they do. With sales, you also have to be prepared to ‘sell yourself’ during interviews.