Graduate Jobs / Graduate Profiles

Tell us about your current job and what it involves?

I have just finished a year-long rotation programme where I spent 3-4 months working across three teams. It exposed me to the company’s technical structure from three different viewpoints. I am now on my home team and it was my favourite team overall while I was on the rotation. I do a mixture of development work and operational work. I get to learn a lot and everyone on my team is committed to helping me continually improve.

A few months in I was given more responsibility than I expected. I’m working on projects now that would be normally handled by engineers on the team, which I was surprised by but really happy with. I currently focus on software development, Linux Operating System and version control tools like Git.

I think general problem solving skills and having an interest in learning is super important to be able to get the work done.

How did you get your job in Workday?

I studied in DCU, and Workday came out to present to us on its culture and approach to technology. I spoke to a Workday recruiter after the presentation and asked lots of questions about the culture, how much the company invests in employees, and what it is like technically.

I had a phone interview a few days later and then went onsite for an interview. Both the phone interview and the in-person interviews were pretty technical - I was asked to explain in-depth my favourite modules, projects, and my experience at an internship I had done the previous summer.

What's been the biggest challenge to date?

College taught me how to learn, but since joining Workday, I’ve experienced so much that wasn’t touched on in college at all. College gives you the underlying fundamentals to be able to then go into specifics once you start working.

What's next for your career and what do you hope to achieve?

I really want to learn as much as I can. The team I’m currently on is working at an extremely large scale, so I’m looking forward to supporting many different aspects of the business that we touch. I believe that if you focus on learning and contributing, your career will naturally follow.

The support I receive is super good, it’s a great experience. The Generation Workday team offered great support and everyone is so approachable and friendly.

What advice would you have for students or graduates seeking roles similar to yours?

Focus on the areas you actually enjoy and find a role or project that develops those skills. For me, that was Linux, where I obtained skills in large scale systems and software development. Doing this will not just help you get the job but it will also help you stay motivated and progress faster.