Graduate Jobs / Graduate Profiles

Tell us about your current job and what it involves?

I am an Application Software Engineer for Workday’s Financial Management. In my role, I get involved in building several aspects of the finance software and business logic. On a day-to day-basis, our team aims to deliver high quality functioning software for users. 

My role includes object oriented programming through Xpresso (Workday's proprietary language), debugging, writing tests, automation and code reviews. From day one here, I was given responsibility and trusted with impactful projects. 

How did you get your job in Workday?

I originally graduated with a bachelor’s degree in applied languages from the University of Limerick and started my career as a data analyst. After a few years, I felt technology was what I wanted to focus on and I decided to study Software Design and Development in NUI Galway.

Close to my graduation date, I saw an advert for Workday careers on LinkedIn and contacted a recruiter directly. I interviewed for the role, which was fairly technical but quite straightforward. To start, I had a phone interview on my experience and projects. I then had a one-hour UML technical test. After that, there was an onsite interview, which included architecture where I had to model out a project that I worked on. Other interviews were about QA, teamwork, and culture. I got to meet the manager for the position and other members of the team, which was really nice. 

What are the most important skills you use every day?

You have to be quite good technically. Also, having a good understanding of object oriented principles helped me learn and programme in our own proprietary language - XpressO.  

But critical thinking is important too. There is training in other areas but this is something you have to learn yourself. In my role, I need to approach problems as a whole and look at the bigger picture without going for the easiest solution. 

What's next for your career and what do you hope to achieve?

At Workday, it’s vital to keep learning as everything changes so quickly and is constantly growing. It’s important to take this time to upskill. 

My manager from the get-go has been keen to help me draft my own career path and offer support for me to achieve my goals. I was delighted to receive a promotion this year.

I am now working towards a more focused role within design and the architectural side of our products. I am training to become a qualified scrum master whilst also developing my skillset to help mentor new hires on the team.

What advice would you have for students or graduates seeking roles similar to yours?

Have confidence in your own ability, put yourself out there, don’t be afraid to ask for help as you won’t know everything straightaway, which is ok. 

Keep learning, both on job specific tasks and professional soft skills. The Generation Workday programme further develops those skills and helps network with people from outside teams. These opportunities are beneficial especially in a new graduate’s first job.