Graduate Jobs / Graduate Profiles

The international element of the programme proved to be invaluable to my career development. Not only will you have the opportunity to work in a variety of roles within different industries, you can do so in different countries – personally I have had placements in France, the UK and Ireland. The experience I had working abroad in different cultures and business environments fast tracked my development over the two year programme.

In all of my placements I worked closely with senior management on a number of projects. The DCC Graduate Programme is sponsored from the top down throughout DCC and this is evident in the work I have been involved in and the people I have worked with.

One thing that stood out to me on the programme was the vast support network available to you – for example coaching, training and the graduate buddy – which ensures that you are equipped to deal with the high level of responsibility you are given.

DCC is passionate about its graduates and is committed to enabling you to maximise your career potential, well beyond the two year programme. I have just accepted a permanent role with DCC as a LPG Pricing and Margin Analyst – another big step in the direction I want my career to go!