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Tell us why you chose the Musgrave Graduate Programme

I wanted to find somewhere that would be challenging for me, where I would get the chance to grow my skills as well as develop new ones. When I spoke to the Musgrave team at my college graduate fair, I really got a sense that the programme had a lot to offer. I could see the company were very innovative and that I would be challenged throughout the programme and given the chance to learn.

So what do you do in your role?

In 2016, SuperValu launched a new Loyalty programme, Real Rewards, and my role has been working on the development of the various customer facing channels across the SuperValu brand. My primary focus has been the ongoing development of the Real Rewards mobile app and the website, as well as supporting the introduction of new programme partners.

What’s the best aspect of the Programme for you?

The best aspect of the programme for me is the level of support across the company for graduates. From the top down, everyone has expressed support for graduates and have encouraged us to reach out if we need any help. It is a great comfort to see throughout Musgrave there are some ex-graduates who now sit in management positions as high up as directors. It reinforces for me that there is great trust and support for graduates and for the graduate programme.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

I was asked to step in to a digital workshop representing Real Rewards. The workshop was attended by senior management across the business and I was delighted to get the opportunity to speak up and participate at this level. As a graduate who had only joined the company 6 months previous, it was great to not only attend, but to participate in the workshop.

What was your rotation like?

Being in my first year I haven't gone through rotation yet, however it is already being discussed to prepare me for when it happens. On the omni-channel programme I will rotate to a different team within the department to get a different view on how we interact with our customers. I am looking forward to getting the chance to try my skills in a new area to strengthen my abilities.

What about the Irish Management Institute (IMI) development programme?

I am really enjoying my time in the IMI so far. Currently we have taken three modules, each designed to prepare us for different aspects of our career in Musgrave. The presentation skills and communication module really helped me. As someone who has struggled with public speaking, the module gave me a chance to work on this, and I was able to pick up a few pointers on improving my delivery and performance. I have even asked my manager for the chance to present in front of the department so I can get some practice. I already feel more confident speaking up in meetings since I completed this module.

What advice would you give a graduate joining the Musgrave Programme?

Be prepared to get stuck in from the beginning. Musgrave is a fast paced environment and graduates don't just sit back and watch, they get involved!

Why should people choose Musgrave?

The Musgrave graduate programme is fully supported and backed by the whole company. Once you start, there is support there for you for the full duration of the programme. Musgrave have a structured development programme, where their goal is to help and encourage their graduates to grow their skills and gain as much experience as possible in the two year programme. Moving from college to the workplace can be daunting, but the way the Musgrave graduate programme is structured it is designed to make that transition easier.