Graduate Jobs / Graduate Profiles

As long as I can remember I have always had a huge interest in food, which led me to completing a Bachelor of Food Science Degree in University College Cork.

As part of third year of the degree we had the opportunity to undertake a 6-month work placement where I was fortunate to get placed in RibWorld. Run by the M&M Walshe group I was immediately taken under the wing of everyone in the widespread team. Being placed in the quality department, I worked closely with members across all departments of the company which gave me experience in a field that I had so much interest in. I gained insight into the day to day tasks such as the inspection of the raw material at intake, confirming all of the cooking CCPs were met, ensuring the production floor met all of the health and safety standards and signing off that the finished products were of acceptable quality before leaving the factory. I also worked on introducing new quality procedures into the factory such as species segregation and DNA testing.

After returning to college to complete my final year of my studies I had a more direct path of where I wanted my career to go. Before I sat my final exams I was lucky to get back in contact with RibWorld and was offered a graduate job in New Product Development. I had some brief experience with working with the guys in New Product Development while I was on my work placement and found it very interesting so I was very happy to learn that this is where I would be based.

In June 2016 I began my new position as the New Product Development Technologist. In the role I exclusively look after the design and redesign of all packaging for the company as well as seeing all NPD projects through from innovation stage all the way through to launch. I have also spent some time working with the NPD and Quality departments of Callan Bacon on various projects so I have been able to learn about raw meat processing plants as well as a cooked and ready to eat facilities.

M&M Walshe are a fantastic group to work with, constant opportunities are provided to further my education by attending courses and career progression opportunities available also. The warmth and support offered by the entire team is exceptional and the experience I have gained since joining the team in 2015 will stand to me for my entire career.