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I’m Bruce Waldron and I’m a 1st year Trainee in JPA Brenson Lawlor. I completed a degree in Corporate Law at NUI Galway and then a Master’s Degree in International Management, also at NUI Galway.

I applied to JPA Brenson Lawlor after seeing their Corporate Finance graduate programme. After going through the interview process with several companies, I choose JPA Brenson Lawlor, largely due to the culture which was evident within the firm.

What I like most about working at JPA Brenson Lawlor is that it fits in with the definition of work hard play hard. Right from the start you get involved in various projects and you are expected to apply yourself (there’s always a helping hand!). We regularly have social nights out organised by the social committee and we have our own (winning!) tag rugby team.

My job as a Corporate Financier has no typical week. Projects vary regularly and whilst the learning curve is steep it’s definitely rewarding as your involved in many of the processes and interactions with clients. Week to week we may be working on a Merger & Acquisition, debt restructuring, valuation of a company or selling a company. I’d describe it as ‘Fun and Learn’.