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Tell us why you chose the Musgrave Graduate Programme

I chose the Musgrave Graduate Programme for many reasons: the programme is well respected in the retail and food industry, which was important to me; a small number of people are accepted each year, which meant that you were not going to be another face in the crowd; I wanted a structured programme that was designed towards developing and progressing graduates’ careers; and I always had a passion for retail, and business and tying this with my love for food, the Musgrave Graduate Programme was a clear choice for me.

What’s the best aspect of the Programme for you?

There are many positives to being on the Graduate Programme.  The graduates receive an abundance of support from the company, with a dedicated team and mentors to guide you as you make the transition from University into the working world and continue to progress in your career. As a member of the Graduate Programme no two days are the same, it is such a dynamic and diverse environment you get countless opportunities to work on various meaningful projects, you are tasked with important responsibilities from early on and most of all you are valued asset of the company.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

There have been many small and big wins for me whilst on the Graduate Programme, it is hard to narrow it down to just one. They range from working with some fantastic, inspirational people, managing large portfolios, sourcing and launching new brands and products into the Irish market to successfully project managing our annual Christmas Tradeshow in Punchestown.  With each achievement and experience I had it gave me a chance to learn and develop as a person and in my career, allowing me to progress to the role of Trading Manager quite quickly.

What was your rotation like?

I began my Musgrave journey in September 2014, in the Wholesale Division in Dublin. I was fresh faced from college and joined the Trading team, which is also known as Buying. I was placed in the Chill and Frozen category, this area includes everything from fresh fish to frozen chips for the foodservice industry, servicing high profile accounts throughout Ireland. My own manager was a past graduate so I was at ease straight away. I gained a vast amount of experience whilst in the Wholesale division from building relationships with suppliers, to negotiating and launching a new product range.

Whilst on the Graduate Programme you rotate in your second year. I moved to the retail division in Cork, which is the hub for supermarket and convenience stores SuperValu and Centra. This was a completely different experience. It is a very fast paced environment with a lot of projects and work streams to get involved in. I spent my second year of the programme in the Impulse category. This is a very high-profile category with a lot of exposure to big brands and suppliers. I was apprehensive at first about rotating because I had felt settled in Dublin but I embraced moving to Cork and becoming a part of the retail division. I ended up staying for two years. I progressed to an Assistant Trading Manager, managing large portfolios and I am now a Trading Manager in the Wholesale division. Progression really is one of key parts of the Graduate Programme; my rotations helped me gain valuable experiences to help me progress in my career.

What about the Irish Management Institute (IMI) development programme?

With the Musgrave Graduate Programme you complete a course with the Irish Management Institute. This was very beneficial as it allowed us to gain key tools that are needed to progress in the working world. The course consists of modules covering leadership, commercials, project managing and presentation skills. Various speakers from the business and from the retail world came and spoke to us and we worked on a business project that we presented to the management teams, giving us great exposure and experience.

What advice would you give a graduate joining the Musgrave Programme?

The best advice I was given when joining the Musgrave Graduate Programme was to embrace it and throw yourself into it. Ask plenty of questions, that is the only way you will learn. Everyone has been where you are now so people understand what is to be like new and starting off in your career, so don`t be afraid to speak up, voice your ideas and get involved, take ownership and just enjoy it all.

Why should people choose Musgrave?

Musgrave is a leading food business company that values their employees, will launch your career and is respected as a top-class organization to work for.