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Tell us why you chose the Musgrave Graduate Programme

Musgrave offered a chance of further development through a CIMA qualification, as well as real world experience to help me progress both professionally and personally.

What’s the best aspect of the Programme for you?

I found the rotations as being the best aspect.  This enabled me to see various different aspects of the company, but from different viewpoints. Though each of my rotations through finance were vastly different, they were all connected. There are few programmes that enable such visibility of different aspects of one company.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

The obvious one was being able to study for my CIMA qualification while working full time; this was a big challenge, finding the energy and will to study after a day of work, while some of my friends had the evenings free.  It was tough, but worth it in the end.

My greatest personal achievement was probably the relationships that I built along the way; whether it was with other graduates, or colleagues, I've met some excellent people.  People who are still friends even though I've moved to different roles, and even a different city.

What were your rotations like?

Rotations were excellent, all vastly different.  I started in Treasury, then Financial Control, before finishing the programme in Trading Finance.  These rotations were like working in three different companies, as the work was so varied.  The great thing was that since it was the same company, I could see and understand the different effects that certain things would have all along the way, for example, why something in Trading Finance would cause issues in Financial Control, or the effects that Treasury would have on Financial Control, etc.

What about the Irish Management Institute (IMI) development programme?

This was enjoyable, as it was a time when all the graduates from different streams came together. This was a great opportunity to see how other departments worked, as well as some of the issues they faced. The IMI programme itself was quite interesting, as with the different modules and lecturers each time, it kept you very engaged.  It also helped develop and sharpen different skills that I would not typically use each day, such as presentation skills and abstract thinking.

What advice would you give a graduate joining the Musgrave Programme?

Really commit to it.  If you want to get the most out of the programme, just like anything, you need to be fully committed to it. whether it's the rotation to a new city, or a new role you're unsure of, if you only go halfway you won't fully enjoy or get the best out of it.  I learned it myself, once you jump in with both feet, it becomes easier and less stressful. and much more fun!

Why should people choose Musgrave?

It's a great place to learn and to improve. This occurs through undertaking and being part of meaningful tasks and projects. With the help of the people around you, and the work you undertake; you improve both personally as well as professionally.