I was born and raised in France on the border of Belgium and Luxembourg. I studied for my undergrad in Montreal. After 6 years in Canada, I moved to Ireland to do a masters in Management Consulting in UCD Michael Smurfit.

I would say that I’m enthusiastic, committed and versatile so consulting was a natural fit for me. I’m currently working  on the Portfolio and Programme Team as a PMO analyst. This entails everything from making sure our clients have the right people in the right place at the right time, to making sure everyone is happy with their jobs and they’re performing well. My team is very small. I work closely with my manager, director and partner which means I’ve had a lot of experience and exposure to what they do.

Sometimes there can be long hours- and the work can be hard. At PwC, they know how to challenge you but they also know how to reward you. So if you’re doing a good job you can be sure it won't go unnoticed.  

I wasn’t always the best student, sometimes I had a tendency to give up too easily in college. My graduate experience has taught me that if I am really passionate about something, like the work I do for my clients, that I’m extremely committed.  

We have training opportunities brought to us all the time but if there’s an area you’re personally interested all you have to do is write a simple business case about what it will bring to your role. It’s the same if you want to go abroad. PwC sorts it all out and within 6 months you’re working in another country!

The one thing that really surprised me about PwC is that teams are really teams. Not having come from Ireland I find it very cool that you feel like you’re part of a mini family already. From day one everyone has your back; if you have a problem you can just put your hand up and say ‘Here, something is going wrong, I need help.’ It’s very supportive.

Thanks to my graduate programme I have a really wide social network. The people that you meet and the close relationships that you build are probably the best thing about working here.