I knew PwC was for me when I spoke to the recruitment team. It was good to talk to someone who had actually come from tax or assurance and could speak from personal experience about the work. I also had friends who worked at PwC and I knew that they loved it so that really made my mind up for me.

You think that it’s going to be intimidating when you arrive, but there are always people to help you. You’re assigned a buddy on your first day and you can ask them any question and they will help you find the answer. You can ask the same question over and over again if you need to! They teach you until you understand something completely.

The help I’ve received for my professional exams beats any training I’ve ever had. I did very well in my exams and it’s all down to the amazing teachers they have here. They go above and beyond.

But you’re not expected to be brilliant on your first day. You’re expected to want to work and to be willing to learn.

When you first start in tax you try to understand the processes around what it takes for us to accept a client. You do loads of research and get loads of tax knowledge learning from case studies. When you first start working on a client project, it can be hard to see the big picture but as time goes on, you can really see the difference your contribution makes

I’m doing a lot of work around data analytics and technology at the moment which I find really interesting. Instead of looking at thousands of rows of data in a spreadsheet, you can see trends in charts and graphs and use this information to solve your clients problems. The amount of data analytics that I do in my tax role means that I can combine what I already know about IT and what I’m learning about tax. It’s great to be able to bring my personal knowledge and skills to the projects I’m working on.