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Why did you decide to apply to Jaguar Land-Rover?

Jaguar Land-Rover (JLR) is a company who are embracing the changes that are occurring in the automotive industry, especially with regards to software. This was made clear from news headlines such as the launch of the I-PACE, Jaguar’s first all-electric vehicle. JLR are looking to the future where electrification, autonomous driving and security will be key components of vehicles, and none of this will be possible without software.

The prospect of working with two iconic brands which are known globally and help them to face the current disruptions in the automotive industry is a great opportunity which I could not pass up.

What is your job now and what does it involve on a daily basis?

At JLR Shannon, I work as a Software Developer in JLR’s embedded software team. The main goal of this team is to rework the architecture of our vehicles and as this has never been done before at JLR this makes it an exciting prospect.

As I have only been in my role a short time my routine on a daily basis has yet to settle. Currently, I would get into the office at 8:30 am, I would check my emails and look at whatever I was working on the day before. The team works using a scrum development methodology and we would have a quick stand up meeting in the morning telling the team what we were doing the day before, our plan for that day, and any blockers that we may have. This is a good opportunity to get help if you’re stuck, to offer assistance yourself and to get an idea of the team’s overall progress.

After this the day mostly consists of coding, setting up demos, or potentially applying the demos to the vehicles. As the team at Shannon becomes more established I believe that my role on a daily basis will change.

What was the application process and what advice would you have for future applicants?

The application process initially involved submitting a cover letter and CV. After a few weeks I received an email to complete an online coding test and afterwards I was invited to a final interview at JLR Shannon. The interview consisted of assessing my technical knowledge and previous experience.

The advice I would give to future applicants is to do their research on the current changes in the automotive industry, it makes for an interesting read and it means that going into the interview you know the current challenges that JLR face and how you could help to overcome them. Also to refresh your memory on the projects completed at college, including your final year project, as interviewers are interested in your hands on experience with coding as it relates more to the workplace.

How do you hope to see your career developing and what other advice would you have for students and graduates when considering their career?

As the site at Shannon is a relatively new one, I see this as an opportunity to develop more skills than in a traditional work setting. I hope to develop my skills as an engineer and eventually have the satisfaction that the work that I have done has been put into one of our vehicles on the road.

I have a strong interest in the automotive industry and hope to further my industrial knowledge in my role at JLR. When considering your career I would advise that you choose something that you are interested in. That way you will never be watching the clock or be bored with your work.