I'm Aoife and I'm an advisory consultant at EY Ireland.

I have always enjoyed coaching and leading others.

From a young age it quickly emerged that I had a talent for helping others and improving the performance of teams. I was able to channel these talents in sports and extracurricular activities to continue to develop them and to help larger groups of people. This is what led me to volunteering.

Having started in 2012, I have been lucky to host a variety of volunteer roles since across various charities. Volunteering allows me the opportunity to apply my talents across many challenging circumstances and situations. As well as this, I get the chance to give a little bit back! I get the opportunity to organise fundraising events, mentor children and teach people new skills.

In EY I see a significant overlap in the talents I apply to my work as I do in my volunteering. We are constantly learning from previous experiences in EY and focusing on delivery as well as planning our future. I use my coaching abilities to help junior members of the team in EY to continue to focus on career and personal progression. I am part of the buddy programme in work where we support new joiners to the organisation helping them to settle in to their new role which I love! I use the same mentoring and teaching skills when helping new joiners or teaching them the soft or hard skills required for their new role in EY.

I'm Aoife and my natural talent is coaching."