I'm Ryan and I'm a financial services consultant at EY Ireland.

I have been baking for the past 10 years – it has always been something that I have been extremely passionate about. As long as I can remember I have always been fascinated with the many creations my parents would try to piece together. What started out with croissants and cupcakes has now become a larger scaled operation with my very own birthday cakes, rocky roads and brown bread specialities. I find baking to be therapeutic as it allows me to unwind after a tiring, intense day at work. There are many joys to baking, but for me – I love the sense of mindfulness that it brings me, not to mention the reactions I get when you pull an Eton Mess from the top shelf of the fridge! Another aspect of baking that I enjoy is the attention to detail required – one miss-measurement can destroy a few hours of preparation!

I have actively developed my baking skills over the years, like anything - the key is to get hands on experience and learn from your previous mistakes. During the early stages of my baking career I was quite impatient – usually rushing and estimating my measurements with disastrous effects. From burnt cupcakes too under-cooked bread – I have learned that attention to detail is key. This attention to detail has played a key role in my preparation for exams, driving tests, managing tight deadlines and remembering family member’s birthdays. My attention to detail has played a key role in my transition from university to the workplace. I use this attention to detail at EY to bring high quality deliverables to our clients.

I'm Ryan and my natural talent is my attention to detail."