I'm Sinead and I'm an internal audit consultant at EY Ireland.

I started playing hockey in my 1st year of secondary school. Being a big hockey school, there was no question what sport I’d play, and attending my first big hockey match really solidified my decision. Growing up, I loved running and I saw Hockey as a great way to keep fit, get to know people and as a good distraction when exams and study came around.

My favourite thing about hockey is the team element, I wish lucky enough to play with my close friends and have amazing coaches throughout the years, which really helped me communicate and work with my team.  With any team sports, it’s vital that everyone is on the same page and works together. I had to know my team inside out, our weaknesses and our strengths. In hockey, you can often find yourself in a sticky situation, where you must act quickly and confidently under immense pressure. Having a team behind you, either alerting you of opposition players or praising you for good play are vital to success.

In EY, clients regularly reach out to us with complex problems and projects which need to be solved as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is important to communicate with the client to gain a proper understanding of what their problem is, what outcome they are looking for and how best we can work with them. Similarly, communicating a plan of action, roles and responsibilities and expectations with my colleagues is vital to the overall success of the work I do. Likewise, getting to know my colleagues strengths allows for proper delegation helps our work run as smoothly as possible. 

Playing hockey has allowed me communicate and build strong relationships with my team in EY, and makes me a consultant who works well under pressure and contribute to the excellent work EY does every day.

I'm Sinead and my natural talent is communication."